About Me

Marie Frankel is a multiple award-winning photographer based in Southern Africa.

Her passion for photography focuses on photography as a visual art. Marie has traveled the world, using her work to document scenes across the African continent, Europe, and the Americas.

“The art of seeing is a remarkable sense that a lot of people take for granted,  but as photographers, we find it so exciting sharing what we’ve seen.” 

With a career spanning more than 20 years, her portfolio has been praised as captivating, expressive, and extraordinary. Harmony with nature is a core theme that resonates across her work. She finds solace in the wilderness and derives inspiration from the vast landscapes and visual elements she captures through her lens.

“Spending time in nature as a fine art photographer is a unique and fulfilling experience.“  

When she is not traveling the globe, Marie shares her time between Johannesburg and the Greater Kruger Park in South Africa  Marie conducts private Photographic Workshops, Tours & Masterclasses.

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